Telegram, a popular messaging app, allows users to have multiple accounts on a single device. Whether you want to separate personal and work communication or manage accounts for different purposes, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use two Telegram accounts on one device.

1. Install Telegram:

First, ensure that you have the Telegram app installed on your mobile device. If you don’t have it, download it from your Spain Telegram number Data device’s app store and proceed to set up your primary Telegram account.

2. Access Multiple Accounts Feature:

Telegram offers a built-in feature that enables users to have multiple accounts. To access this feature, open the Telegram app and go to the Settings menu.

3. Add a Second Account:

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In the Settings menu, look for the “Add Account” or “Add Another Account” option. Tap on it to begin the process of adding a second Telegram account.

4. Verify the Second Account:

After tapping on “Add Account,” Telegram will prompt you to enter the phone number associated with the second account. Input the phone number and wait for a verification code to be sent.

5. Switch Between Accounts:

Once the second account is verified, you can switch between your two Telegram accounts easily. In the Settings menu, find the “Switch Account” option, which allows you to toggle AOB Directory between the accounts effortlessly.

6. Customize Account Names:

To avoid confusion, you can customize the names of your Telegram accounts. By giving each account a distinctive name, you can quickly identify and manage them as needed.


Using two Telegram accounts on a single device is a practical and user-friendly process. By accessing the “Add Account” feature in the Telegram app’s settings, you can effortlessly set up a second account associated with a different phone number. Verifying the second account adds it to your device, enabling easy switching between the two accounts. Customizing the account names further enhances organization and simplifies account management.