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Already has Current brand  The foundation of a successful brand strategy.  , while providing a basis for defining brand values. The company’s brand strategy includes conditional, long-term and global action plans to achieve brand goals. The main goal of brand strategy is the development and increase of brand value, which in turn can be defin as the strategic and financial value that the brand can bring to the company. High brand value brings the following advantages to the company; on the one hand, a strong brand has a positive impact on price, resulting in possible market prices.

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Rise. In addition, high brand value can ruce Cambodia Phone Number List the because the brand is already highly recogniz. Additionally, a strong brand increases the likelihood of brand transfer, allowing multiple products to be offer under the same brand. Course Operations Market Researcher Brand Analysis: Conclusion The core of brand analysis is to answer the following questions: What makes a brand, where are the brand’s weaknesses, and where is the potential for development. Always first document the current situation by comparing the company’s self-perception to consumers’ external perceptions.

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Such analysis not only provides information Cambodia Whatsapp Number on, but also on future market development. As part of the brand analysis, qualitative and quantitative market research methods are us to collect data and then conduct a comprehensive evaluation. The data generat shows whether a company’s self-perception matches that of consumers, or if there are fundamental differences. Therefore, a thorough analysis of one’s own brand can help uncover these differences so that appropriate measures can be taken to align reality with desir goals. The testers are younger than ever.

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