Compare Google Analytics to Universal

Some novices are not familiar with the style of GA4 and feel that the functions have been reuce. Today I checke the relevant documents from the official Google Analytics and summarize them as follows. When setting up Google Analytics 4. you may. Compare Google Analytics to Universal.  Want to compare reporting results from your Google Analytics 4 properties with your Universal Analytics properties. This article explains to what extent you can and cannot compare Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 metrics.

Compare Google Analytics to Universal Analytics

User number Page views Number of purchases Number of sessions Sessionflow base traffic acquisition Decision Maker Email List  metrics Conversions Bounce Rate number of events User number There are two user metrics in Universal Analytics: Total Users and New Users. There are three user metrics in Google Analytics 4: Total Users. Active Users. and New Users. index UA GA4 total number of users Primary user metric in UA : Total number of users

The total number of unique users

The number of users who interacte with your site for the first time. Number of users who interacte with your website or opene your app for the first time. This metric is measure by the number of new unique user. IDs first_open or events that were logge.first_visit Number of active AOB Directory users not applicable The main user metric in GA4 : the number of deuplicate users who have visite your website or app. An active user is a user who had a session of interest. or when Google Analytics collecte the following data: first_visit event or engagement_time._

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