Comprehensive promotion of tourism business abroad

In modern conditions, promoting the tourism business abroad requires a creative approach and new concepts. In this article we will tell you what tools marketers in the usa and western european countries use, due to which they achieve high results. Dmo as a management basis dmo as a management basis the success of any business depends on how effectively the management works. In the west, they use a special tourism management system for this – dmo (destination management organization). Our marketers are not very familiar with it yet, so it’s interesting to understand how it works. Dmo involves promoting the tourism business in two directions at once. Along with the work on demand, there are also actions on supply. Constantly improving the product allows you to quickly adapt to changing regulations. The dmo system is based on the technology of four ps: place, people, product and process. To make it clearer what it is based on, let’s look at these elements in more detail. Place, or “place” this is a specific object where tourists plan to go.

Product, or “Product”

Therefore, This could be a region, region, some kind of cultural object, designated by geographical or political boundaries. People, or “people” this includes tourists and business partners. When implementing a marketing strategy, separate “portraits” (descriptions) should be created for each of them: place, or place people, or people list of main partners on the usa travel agency page product, or “product” this category includes tours, some attractions and even apartments. Comprehensive promotion They need to be correlated with customer expectations. In other words, the product must correspond to, satisfy the experience of tourists. That is, it is important to make it so that the consumer Phone Number List remembers it, and also receives an emotional return. When working with the product item, you should answer the following questions: what attractions are there in the region that could meet the expectations of tourists; does the promised advertisement correspond to reality; what can attract tourists; what places to eat and stay, what expenses are expected; how tourists will move when traveling around the region; what criteria are used to evaluate customer satisfaction?

Process, or "Process" Comprehensive promotion

However, One of the most effective ways to get answers is to conduct a survey. You can survey subscribers on social networks, clients from the database. At this stage, it doesn’t hurt to motivate your audience to gather more information. For example, you can offer discounts or some bonuses. Process, or “process” when promoting travel agencies, work is carried out in four directions: research and detailed analysis . Monitoring will help assess supply and determine AOB Directory whether there is demand. This information helps improve the product. Networking . Launching advertising for a travel agency is an important stage when working with brand awareness and its reputation. If you plan to scale your business, you need to attract online media and communities in this niche. Creating “impressions” taking into account the requests of the target audience . For example, you can help tourists get to their desired locations. Digital marketing and search engine promotion . Clients usually search for travel agencies on the internet. 

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