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You can also conduct simple split URL tests and multivariate tests as desired. If you need more, you can also consider signing up for Optimize 360, which is a paid version offering additional testing abilities and various other services. 11. Unbounce Unbounce helps you take your landing pages to the next level with A/B testing.

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 It helps you build your perfect landing page, so you’re getting the C Level Contact List conversions that you’re working so hard for. Marketers love to use Unbounce because it helps build custom landing pages that convert users without requiring them to know how to code. target visitors with relevant content. It starts at $72 monthly. 12. Leadformly Leadformly is another option you may want to try for your A/B testing. It specifically looks at the forms you have on your website and why you might be having trouble capturing new leads with them. Leadformly lets you make changes to see what increases the likelihood of people filling out the forms. At just $37 a month for the most basic plan, it is an option you may want to try (it comes with a free trial). 13. Adobe Target Among the most popular and widely used tools for A/B testing is Adobe Target. This product is completely customized, and it uses AI-powered testing and automation to make A/B testing easy.

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 Adobe Target supports A/B testing UI, images, copy, and more. 14. Crazy Egg Crazy Egg is a type of website optimization AOB Directory software that helps complete A/B testing. It will let you check variations of each page of your website, so you can adjust code piece by piece to make sure it’s right for you.

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