The development of marketing

We have described marketing management as a conscious. Effort to achieve desired results in exchanges with target markets. Now how will we balance the interests of the organization, customers and society? These interests often conflict with each other. Obviously, marketing activities must be conducted within the framework of a well-thought-out philosophy of effective, efficient and responsible marketing. There are five perspectives that guide marketing development that organizations often apply in their marketing activities.

Production perspective

The production concept is one of the Belgium Phone Number List oldest selling guiding concepts. The production concept asserts that consumers will favor products that are widely available and low in price. Those who lead manufacturing-minded organizations must focus on improving production efficiency and expanding distribution reach. The assumption that Belgium Phone Number List consumers are primarily concerned with product availability and lower prices is true in at least two situations. The first is when the solvent demand for the product exceeds the supply, as is often the case in many third world countries. There consumers care more about getting the product, and pay less attention to its details. Suppliers will focus on finding ways to increase production.

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Product perspective

The product concept asserts that consumers will Russia Phone Number List favor products that are of the highest quality, have multiple uses, or have new features. People who lead product-minded organizations often focus their energies on making superior products and continually improving them. These managers assume that buyers admire beautiful products and can Belgium Phone Number List evaluate the quality and utility of the products. They were too passionate about their product and did not anticipate that the market might find it difficult to accept. Marketing management has fallen victim to the ‘better mousetrap’ illusion, believing that a better “mousetrap” will make people flock to their homes.

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