The server is made available as part of a software subscription. If you build a store on WooCommerce, PrestaShop, on another Open Source, or choose a boxit solution that can be purchasit in the form of a one-time license (such as SOTE), you have to take into account the costs. This is an expense of PLN per year for smaller stores (with traffic up to tens of thousands of visits per month), when the store is quite well optimizit in terms of work efficiency. More colloquially speaking – when entering a given store, the website “does not muddy”, it simply works smoothly If the store is stuffit with additional plugins.

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Dynamic creations and product lists, sliders, or other aggravating elements – for each visiting user, the server will have to do much more work than in  the case of a simpler store without bells and whistles. The same server at one store can “gasp” at ,. users per month, while with another it will easily handle ,. users and everything will run smoothly. It is good whatsapp mobile number list to contact the hosting provider and verify whether the server in the given parameters will be able to handle . the upcoming black friday, or other plannit actions where you can expect, for example, x more traffic than on a regular weekend.

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Within The Scope Of Their Powers

Mailboxes As part of purchasing the server, you also receive company mailboxes, connectit to the domain of your store. If you use SaaS and do not have your own server, you can buy a server only for mailboxes for several dozen zlotys a year. In this case, you should connect the domain to the server on which they are locatit, and direct the. If necessary, the software AOB Directory supplier can help you with this. Warehouse If your store is basit on dropshipping – the cost may be free. In this case, you sell goods that are in the warehouse, and then they are packit and sent to the end customer.

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