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We will explain Learn how undeliverable. Emails are categoriz and why it’s important to measure their quantity. Some of the most important things. You ne to learn how to master some of these metrics. One of the most interesting is the Badmail or Bounce rate . Since it is very important to determine the percentage consider desirable and to maintain it at a good levelyou must continually.

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We will explain Ask yourself this question . Let’s start by remembering what a Bounce is. The number of DB to Data emails that have not been receiv by your contacts.  Happens every time an email has been reject by the server or your recipient. This action is call Bounce or return. BADMAIL OR BOUNCE RATE IS CLASSIFI INTO TWO CATEGORIES Hard Bounces.

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This means that there is a permanent reason why the email could not be deliver. This can be caus by: The recipient AOB Directory does not exist The domain is non-existent The recipient’s mail server block delivery  the spelling of the email address A delet mailbox In order to make a more precise classification in Mailpro we have separat Hard Bounces into three categories : Bad DomainBad MailboxInactive Mailbox.

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