It cannot be that France with its ordre

Italy with its , the United States and its Members of the Bar of the. Supreme Court of the U.S. or, finally  the United Kingdom and its well-educated members of the King’s Counsel. All of them err by demanding a singular qualification from. Professionals to act before the benches of their highest authorities. And Spain would not have been immune to this current either if. France with its ordre as professor and magistrate Díez-Picazo rightly reminds me. The Project of reform the Provisional Law on the organization of the of had finally been approved. Since its thirty-second Base provided for the creation.

College of Cassation Lawyers

The Law will establish the number of its individuals and the circumstances necessary to belong to it; Appointments will be made by the Government. Cassation lawyers will be the only ones who can practice their profession in the Supreme Court, but they. France Whatsapp Number List with its ordre will not be able to do so in the other courts of common jurisdiction.The justification of the aforementioned Organizational Base is of no less interest in maintaining that similar to what is established in other Nations, a Cassation Bar Association is created; Belonging to it will be the highest and most coveted award for a lawyer who has wisely and honorably exercised his profession for many years.

This Senate of jurisconsults

Will illustrate the questions that are discussed in the Supreme Court, will contribute powerfully to the declaration of the correct meaning of the legal texts and will be able to dedicate itself with greater effort to the study of the arduous AOB Directory problems of established law, separating itself as “The law must prescribe acting in other courts.In short, to the malicious phrase that. France with its ordre for some time now, in large firms it is possible to distinguish between lawyers who know law and those who know English, a genus should be added , that of those who know the arcana of persuade the curiosity of the judges of the Admission Section of the Supreme Court about the claim of your appeal. Those are the good ones.

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