Businesses Can Also Use SMS to Let Customers

About 33% of consumers have purchased items through chat, and 77% say they’re open to the idea. There’s a huge chance that you have seen conversational commerce in action yourself! Here are a few common examples of conversational commerce that could be used to guide meaningful conversations with customers through chats to ultimately provide them with a superior and preferred shopping experience.

The development and continual

Improvements of automated chatbots are helping drive the growth of conversational commerce. Chatbots do an amazing job at answering basic questions, particularly the repeat inquiries that Bulk SMS Services in Ghana make up a substantial portion of interactions with your customer service team.With the right approach, you can make a conversation with your automated chatbot feel like a natural extension of your brand. The key is to make sure you frame both questions and answers in your brand’s tone and voice. The bot on your website can ask visitors, “How can I help you today?” and provide a list of responses, such as:

SMS Communications

Bulk SMS Service

SMS (Short Messaging Service) text message is a simple, cost-effective way for customers to send an instant message and get information from your business without the wait. When given the options to SMS, many people will use this channel to ask important questions that help increase engagement with your business. Some popular questions businesses use SMS communications for include:

Businesses can also use SMS to let customers know about topics like new products, special promotions, critical information about their business, and discount opportunities. As long as customers opt in for the texts—and you give them an easy way to AOB Directory opt out—you don’t risk spamming them with annoying messages. At Clickatell, we help you seamlessly integrate your current applications with our SMS service so that you can send a bigger volume of messages while using an intuitive, no-code interface that does not require deep technical expertise. Let our team work harder so that you and your sales team can work smarter.

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