Marketing Automation What Is It?

Marketing automation is one of the benefits of digital media. It enables you to obtain information from millions of individual people you can reach, such as how the individual reached you, which area of ​​your website they were more interested in, which feature of your products they read more about. It is almost impossible to follow or trace them in traditional media and advertising. The digital transformation process , which must be spread throughout the company, must also include marketing processes. Let’s take a TV commercial for example. When television broadcasts are watched most by millions of people, when an advertisement is placed on television between the main news bulletin or a popular series.

The number of people that advertisement

Reaches is determined by approximate figures. At the same time, it is not possible to measure the B2B Email List reaction of the masses it reaches. When you advertise in a trending series by allocating a large budget, it is very difficult to instantly measure how many people that advertisement reached, what the reaction of the people it reached was, and to keep track of the work. On the digital media side, you have the chance to follow up, track down, and instantly measure how people respond to your promotional activities and marketing activities. Its most important benefit in marketing is that it allows you to take immediate action. Let’s say there is a new activity in marketing automation.

Let's say you send a digital e-newsletter

E-mail or create a new page on your website. We placed an ad that would appear directly to people searching for that. Product on AOB Directory search engines. It gives information about how many people clicked on this ad in real time. From which location they clicked it. What they did after clicking. Whether they contacted you, whether they sent you an e-mail, whether there was no response. Whether the e-mail was opened or not. Where they clicked when it was opened. Whether it was read or not. Marketing automation is a digitalization. Tool that allows you to instantly analyze millions of data. In real time and without any limits and take action accordingly.

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