To Take Your Digital Marketing Strategy

One step further, integrate Clickatell’s Chat Desk to further engage with your customers in the way they prefer. Streamline your company’s transactional messaging with our Chat Desk solution and let’s improve your brand’s customer journey together.

The real winner for your business is conversion — focusing on Marketing Strategy guiding your customers to actually buy your products through their preferred chat channels. Meet your customers where they already are. By using Clickatell’s Chat Commerce to allow your customers to enjoy convenient digital customer support, account management. And transaction services all from within chat! Learn more by reaching out to Clickatell! The possibilities with chat are endless. Let our team help your business start elevating your customer experience and boost revenue by optimizing conversational technologies today.

Messaging and chat are exploding

And that’s good news for brands and consumers who want quicker, more simplified, personal, and effective communication.

Friends and family are increasingly using chat as a preferred means of communication, and consumers are chatting more with businesses, too. Half of consumers already use chat apps  such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger  to talk to Bulk SMS Iran businesses, and almost 7 in 10 Millennials do the same, research shows. Meanwhile, almost 9 in 10 consumers regularly use chat apps on a mobile device.

That’s a level of chat-focused

Bulk SMS Service

It enables the transmission of messages of up to 160 characters among users on a mobile Marketing Strategy network. The great news for AOB Directory brands is SMS is natively supported on all phones, and the user’s phone number acts as their identity. which are expected to reach more than 8 billion people in 2023. Chat is fast, easy and direct. With 2-way SMS chat, companies will answer more consumer questions faster. They’ll be more able to follow up in real-time, simplify the customer experience, create happier customers and drive engagement and sales to new levels. Fast responses from companies to consumers can drive fast sales and issue resolution. Also, chat provides a continuous thread between customer and brand, increasing opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell and create personalized messages that build trust and affinity.

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