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Another advantage, you will no longer be forced to publish as a person, but you will be able to do so as a page (company). HBO Facebook Groups The potential of Facebook groups is very real. It is also not for nothing that Facebook is experimenting in certain countries with advertising in groups. The functionality of the groups integrated into the pages is therefore to be monitored very closely. In the meantime, you can always create a group outside your page to federate your qualified community.

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Talk to our Social Media experts.For more than four years now, the Google SEO algorithm has given little or no impact to domain names Latest Mailing Database whose sole purpose was to place keywords, without offering quality content. Exit therefore the sites named “rent-car-pas-cher or “”: these EMDs (or Exact Match Domains) can no longer manipulate Google and thus seek the first position in the SERPs . How to optimize your domain name for SEO? But then, what name to choose if not to place yourself on keywords.

Latest Mailing Database

The Morality This Rule Also Applies

Must above all be used to disseminate a bran image . But domain names ma up of only keywords do not in any. Way confer value on thebrand, nor do AOB Directory they give. Particular confidence to Internet users. The URL must therefore refer to the brand.  Ad especially to the site to which it refers. It should be relevant to the business of the business and ideally should be the same as the title of the website. It is also advisable to create a short domain name (15-20 characters), and without too many dashes – this way, it will be easily memorable by visitors who will come back to the site more easily.

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