Simple Steps to Get a New and Improved

While WhatsApp is the New and Improved most popular messaging app globally, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Google Business Messages, Instagram, WeChat, and other emerging Chat apps are all incredibly powerful conversational technologies. Each app may appeal to a different demographic or age group so the key for any business is to find which app your customers prefer and to develop a strategy to include those channels as part of your mix.

Voice assistants are some of the newest conversational technologies you leverage to improve services and increase sales. Here, too, there are numerous options, with one that’s clearly outpacing the rest when it comes to current adoption. Nearly 70 percent of people who own smart speakers choose the Amazon Echo, which comes with an Alexa voice assistant.

Alexa can do much more than

Play your favorite workout album or tell you tomorrow’s weather forecast. It can also take purchase orders from owners. Since Amazon owns Alexa, most Alexa purchases come from Bulk SMS Portugal Amazon-owned businesses, including Whole Foods. Alexa is something of a gatekeeper in this way, but it still shows the promise of using voice assistants to develop conversations between customers and brands.

Google Assistant gives you more opportunities to reach customers without a gatekeeper standing in the way. Google Assistant has about half a billion users. Optimizing your online content makes it easier for Google Assistant to find, recommend, and tell people about your business. Currently, you can’t make personalized scripts for your brand, but we may believe that development is just around the corner.

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Bulk SMS Service

Chat Commerce leader, Clickatell helps you maximize your outreach and track performance with our years of digital chat experience and track record of success.

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