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Discussions are topic-focus conversations in homogenous groups l by psychologically train counselors.  effective tool for obtaining information relevant to decision-making. The group usually consists of six to ten participants, and the quality of the results depends on their choices. The moderator not only leads the group but also regulates the formal process and ensures that participants’ contributions are balanc during the discussion. Depending on the research questions, the discussion groups are schul to last approximately one and a half to two hours. The purpose of the group discussion is to identify all phases of a specific research topic bas on different opinions.

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Relat influencing factors.  participants allows Oman Phone Number List for an in-depth analysis of the wishes and ideas of the target group and provides valuable suggestions. Learn more about our services in the field of market research! Advantages of Group Discussions Group discussions have the following advantages over other forms of data collection: Due to daily turn-by-turn dialogue, the spontaneous and free opinions and attitudes of the participants can be record. Flexibly tailor surveys to specific target groups. Economic survey method: Group discussions are less expensive and less time-consuming than other survey methods. Extensive use of creative techniques.

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Movies and stimulus material France Whatsapp Number suggestions: Topics and suggestions learn from each other and develop in depth, allowing participants to inspire each other and form motivation. Additionally, the moderator can question statements and give more in-depth answers. The results can be observ on site. Disadvantages of Group Discussions Although group discussions have many advantages, they also have disadvantages. Most of the difficulties lie in the moderation of the group and the lack of possibility of proper preparation. Other disadvantages include: Individual members can dominate the group, thereby rucing knowlge acquisition. Participants’ answers may deviate due to social expectations.

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