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You have to be close to them, which is not so easy when you give off a formal and institutional aura. Some banks and insurance companies take advantage of social networks to convey a feeling of closeness. On Instagram, for example, La Banque Populaire highlights slices of life and people with different trajectories (entrepreneurs, craftsmen, merchants, etc.) who have succeeded in their activity. HSBC and Groupama are also opting for this strategy. HSBC Social networks Banque Populaire Instagram People’s Bank Social networks Groupama Instagram Groupama.

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To strengthen this close bond, ING Direct reveals behind the scenes of the bank to humanize its communication. Offer promotional offers whatsapp mobile number list and tips Many banks and insurance companies set up games. Just like the example of Société Générale seen above, it is important to offer games to attract and make the community react, without forgetting to reward them with gifts to satisfy them and build loyalty. In partnership with cinema-related events, BNP Paribas regularly offers games to win cinema tickets, for example.

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American Express is also very active on Facebook, offering good deals at reduced prices and saving tickets for cultural activities. La Banque AOB Directory Postale also launched a draw for one of its video publications. It has totaled more than 385,000 views. Do prevention and give advice Banks and insurance companies are very well placed to provide advice and tips to their subscribers on social networks. Hello Bank!, Groupama, MMA or even BNP Paribas, all have understood the importance of publishing useful content.

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