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These outcome targets are always relat to a specific planning period, years, and are then graphically illustrat in a chart in the form of a target line. In order to truly be able to use analysis as a useful planning and control tool, it is important to use target values ​​that are as realistic as possible. To do this, expectations for the environment and industry development also ne to be consider and incorporat. First step in analysis: Forecasting actual values ​​Next, bas on current data, forecast the expect development of actual values ​​(extrapolating future values ​​from current year results). Analysis step: Naming gaps by comparing plan values ​​and.

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Actual values ​​to identify and analyze possible Japan Phone Number List gaps.  is made here between operational gaps and strategic gaps. Steps: Develop and implement measures to close the gap Next, ideas for closing the gap must be develop and then implement in the form of a concrete action plan. As a final task, such a catalog of measures is structur according to content so that deriv measures can be implement through task packages, milestones and responsibilities. Interestingly, these steps do not appear in many scientific sources. This means that analysis is often ruc to pure analytical work. Of course.

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The decisive potential of a process Japan Whatsapp Number becomes apparent. In which steps are taken to fill the identifi gaps. Critical Evaluation of Gap. Analysis Bas on these explanations of the gap analysis process, a critical evaluation of the process can be perform. The following overview shows the most important advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of analysis A measure of deviation from goals Fundamentals of planning and planning Determining goals by examining alternatives A widely us tool The starting point for strategic planning in many companies Disadvantages of analysis Being very rough for optimal customer service.

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