Messages prepare by a public relations agency can be use in advertisements or posts in social meia. In turn, a PR specialist can use old advertising materials, company memorabilia and photos or marketing initiatives. We do good PR! See for yourself! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you A multi-purpose public relations agency We call ourselves a distribute public relations agency because our specialists are spread all over the country. We believe that results are the most important for you and that is why we offer unconventional solutions prepare by a group of enthusiasts.

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It can be said that we do good public relations from A to Z. It all starts with an audit, from which we will find out what public relations services have been implemente so far and what their effects have been. Then we can develop a strategy and do database market research to see if it really works. Later, we pass it on to our departments supporting the work of public relations agencies, to people responsible for SEO, website design or content marketing. Finally, we will summarize the results and consider how to further improve the visibility of your company online and offline.


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If your team is not convince to change, we will support it with training.  Combine with appropriate employer branding and communication AOB Directory within the company. Online public relations and SEO, SEM, KPI Not everyone is aware. The importance of SEO, SEM and KPI for the effectiveness of public relations services. But first, let’s clarify these concepts: SEO: Search Engine Optimization, optimization of the company website in terms of search engines, using the appropriate keywords. SEM: Search Engine Marketing, all activities aime at improving the website’s visibility in search engines, such as Google ads.