Promotes Basic Digital Training for Adults

The Adult Education Center (CEPA)  has announced the launch of a series. Basic digital training courses these classes are at people over 18 years of age,. Giving them the opportunity to acquire basic digital skills that allow them to function effectively in the current and future digital environment. The courses will be held in the mornings in the Classroom and the Classroom,. While in the afternoons they will be held in the La Classroom. Classes are to begin on Monday, December 4, and all information and registration can be  from CEPA itself. 

These courses have the main objective

The digital divide, that is, or eliminating disparities in the access and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) among adults. Participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with computer equipment. Receive an introduction to the Internet, learn about social networks, and be able to use online tools. Such as Google Drive and other Google office applications. In addition, topics Buy Phone Number List to smartphones, online security and everyday situations that require digitalization will be , such as recharging transport passes or citizen cards.

That's why 90% of business and IT leaders

Plan to accelerate the adoption and implementation of the digital experience. Additionally, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence,. Digital Experience Management (DEM) solutions, cloud, application and network acceleration technology. Automation will become increasingly critical to the retail business in the coming months. In short, the digital experience has become a key factor for the success AOB Directory of retail companies. Providing a seamless experience for both employees and customers is critical to staying competitive in an increasingly global environment.

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