SEO vs Google Ads Want to promote your website to make it popular? What should you choose?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between SEO and Google Ads marketing is? group of people doing business or even the general public You may have heard something about online marketing. that both have costs Or there is no cost, like the person who says Is SEO really free and is it really any good? What about something that costs money like Google Ads? How good is it? Is it worth it for us to do it? And if we can do SEO and Google Ads together, is it possible? Let’s go find the answer together in this article. SEO is the process of optimizing and adjusting the Special Data structure of website content to make it more quality.

Have content and keywords that go in the direction Matches the needs of your target customer group and doing good SEO can also help push your website to rank on the first page on Google.

SEO or Search SEO vs Google Ads Engine Optimization, natural rankings

If your website is a sales website will use keywords that are appropriate for selling that type of product Inserted with sales content on your website so that customers who come will be impressed with the website. SEO takes longer than Google Ads . SEO takes at least 6 months, but! Once your website is on top, it will stay on Google’s page for a long time, not disappearing like with Google Ads. This depends on your diligence in updating your website as well. Total number of people who clicked to our website It will be organic (Organic List), meaning it is a real group of people who clicked in and visited the website.

This will increase your chances of making your website more well-known for free. SEO vs Google Ads Once ranked, results will be stable and long-lasting if you keep your website updated. Google Ads is a service from Google that is the number 1 search engine in the world.

Special Data

Google Ads or Google Adwords (SEM) paid advertising rankings

but ! You have to pay for advertising called PPC (Pay Per Click), which is quite expensive. You lose money when people click on your ads. When you stop running Google Ads, your website will disappear from Google’s pages. As mentioned above, Google Ads is the number 1 search engine in the world, making many websites choose to use it. So that the website can rank on Google quickly, keep up with the trends and keep up with the trends at that time. And if you choose to use keywords that AOB Directory match your target audience.

It will increase your chance of being seen. and results in more people clicking to reach the product This means that the money you spend on clicks isn’t wasted. Plus it makes your ads more effective, so doing Google Ads is another marketing channel that will increase the chances of customers reaching your business quite well.

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