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Still a good idea for an integration meeting – in fact, it’s better than none at all. Over time, however, employers began to look for creative forms of play that would provide even more entertainment. Do you want to organize an integration meeting that is memorable? Use our ideas! Are you looking for an idea for an integration meeting? We have already organize over 1000 events – you can trust us too! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you An idea for an integration meeting – get to know your team well Before we give you unusual and interesting ideas for an integration meeting.

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Remember that the most important thing is to know your team. Some groups of employees like adrenaline and joint sports trips. On the other hand, there are also people who prefer to spend this time quietly. Try to make sure that all whatsapp mobile number list participants get a lot of joy from the event, and that they do not treat subsequent meetings as a sad necessity. It is you, as the employer, who knows your team best, so adjust the entertainment to the preferences of employees. Unusual ideas for an integration meeting Kayaking If your employees love adrenaline and want to take part in sports integration, kayaking will be perfect.

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We offer river kayaking in national parks, where the route will certainly not be boring. And this is due to many fallen trees and various other AOB Directory obstacles. In this case, integration will be at the highest level, because you really have to work together to reach the goal. However, if employees have never sat in a kayak before, it is better to choose less advance tasks. Ones that every participant can handle. A good solution is to choose a meeting place that offers the possibility of organizing a barbecue and an evening party.

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