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It also allowed the northern lights, to stand out more. Canon 5D II, 24mm, f2.8, 10 seconds, ISO 6400, nine images stitched together. I generally prefer shooting under when it’s between 10%-35% light. This provides just enough light to illuminate the foreground while obscuring the stars somewhat. A moon that is 10% clear is less than 2% as bright as a full moon. However, even if there is so much light, if you use good equipment that does not cause too much noise. However, you need to make sure the moon is directly lighting the foreground object, as any large shadows will usually be too dark to show detail under such a dim moon.

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If the moon is more than 50% clear, I find that it absorbs a lot of light from the stars. That’s Industry Email List why I usually plan my photography trips so that they .I wantend after the first trimester. The waxing moon, which occurs shortly after the new moon, appears in the western sky after sunset. Thus, it is usually best to shoot under this moon while facing east. The waning moon, which occurs before the new moon, appears in the eastern part of the sky before sunrise. It is generally best to shoot under this moon while facing west. Over the course of the year, the moon can also move from far south to far north in the sky. It travels farther north and south than the sun.

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You can plan to shoot south when the moon is north and north when the moon is south. The one AOB Directory exception to this is if you want to include the moon itself in the shot. In this case, you definitely want to have the moon in the same part of the sky as you’re shooting.   Grant Collier has been a professional barker for 20 years and has been photographing at night for 12 years. He is the author of 11 books and has just released a new book called The Collier’s Guide to Outdoor Night Photography . Grant  also hosts the Colorado Photography Festival , where you can learn night photography and much more. Since we didn’t have balloons or cake and balloons to keep her interested, I had to create the photo above.

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