Development of influencer marketing in Ukraine in the future

It is important to consider the scale of advertising integrations – will it be a one-time collaboration or several consecutive ads. The second option the future definitely works better. It is also a more profitable financial alternative to full-fledged ambassadorship. In this case, the arrangement includes integration for 3-4 months, for example, two appearances per month. I have a collaboration with a chain of children’s toy stores. My child and I are filming a Reels video going to the store and making photo posts. If I tell you only once in a story, there will be no quality result. Another factor the future is budget.

Development of calculate the future

What audience you will work with. As the number of subscribers increases, so does your budget. Of course, the amount increases if you want integration with several bloggers on an ongoing basis. If you agree on long-term cooperation over several Buy Bulk SMS Service months, you can pay at the beginning of each integration. The blogger, in turn, indicates the dates and does not advertise related products 2 weeks before and after. This can also be noted at the beginning of cooperation. You can organize a competition – the brand provides a gift, and the blogger raffles it off among the audience, subject to certain actions (subscribe to the brand page, leave a comment, etc.).

Large brands the future

A striking example is the collaboration between Nikita Dobrynin AOB Directory and Dasha Tsvetochnaya & Puma. Bloggers are involved not only in advertising through their blogs, but also in organizing filming, videos, and advertising, which also works great. At the same time, he has a different life and he does not live only on the blog. I love expert blogs. It’s great to advertise finance, banks, etc. through them. In addition, keep track of how much advertising the blogger publishes and what exactly he advertises. Is it necessary today to communicate with the audience through several channels, including Instagram, TikTok? Yes.

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