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However brand Other areas of analysis. and competitive research, positioning and segmentation analysis, and trend, style and development research. Brand Analysis: This program documents the current situation at the beginning of each brand analysis by analyzing the company’s self-image and external image. X analysis include not only qualitative methods, but also quantitative methods, thus covering all methods relat to market research (surveys, observations, experiments, group discussions, in-depth interviews, etc.). Once the data is successfully collect, it is evaluat.

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However brand Finally, data is generat and evaluat to  in Brazil Phone Number List consumers’ minds matches the company’s self-perception of its own brand. Analytical results often show conflicting results. Brand analysis therefore opens up the possibility of reconciling reality with desir brand goals. Therefore, such analysis should be carri out regularly so that contradictions can be discover promptly and corresponding measures can be taken. Course Operations Market Researchers Psychological Aspects of Brand Analysis The brand creat in the minds of consumers consists of two parts: On the one hand, the brand image can be realiz.

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However brand Now, the method can be obtain through daily Brazil Whatsapp Number investigation. prone to change and is therefore unstable. On the other hand, a brand also contains the so-call brand essence, which is form unconsciously and can only be document with the help of depth psychology methods. In contrast to brand image, brand essence is constant and stable over time. It not only reflects the nes and desires of consumers, but also has an impact on an emotional level, forming a basis for trust in the brand’s performance. Successful emotional brand positioning is especially important because.

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