Telegram’s QR code feature is a convenient and efficient way to add new contacts and join groups without the need for manual searching. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Telegram QR codes, simplifying the process of connecting with others and discovering new communities.

1. Access the QR Code Scanner:

To use Telegram QR codes, open the Telegram app on your device and tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. You’ll notice a small QR code icon on the right side of the search bar. Tap on this icon to access the QR code scanner.

2. Scan a QR Code:

Position your device’s camera over the QR code you wish to scan. Telegram will automatically detect the code, and a pop-up notification will appear with details about the UAE Telegram number Data contact or group associate with the QR code.

3. Add Contacts:

When scanning a QR code that belongs to a Telegram user, the pop-up notification will display their name, profile picture, and username. Tap on “Add Contact” to add them to your Telegram contacts list.

4. Join Groups:

If the QR code is associated with a Telegram group, the pop-up notification will provide information about the group’s name and description. Tap on “Join Group” to become a member of the group and participate in its discussions.

5. Share Your QR Code:

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You can generate your own Telegram QR code to share with others for quick connections. To do this, go to your Telegram profile and tap on the three dots (menu icon) in the top right corner. Select “Share My Contact” and choose the option to share your QR code.

6. Save QR Codes:

Telegram allows you to save scanned QR codes for future reference. To access saved QR codes, go to the Telegram app’s AOB Directory settings, navigate to “Saved QR Codes,” and view all the codes you’ve scanned.

7. Utilize QR Codes for Group Invitations:

Group administrators can use QR codes to invite new members to their groups. Generate the QR code for the group and share it with potential members for an easy and seamless join process.