A standard shopping campaign help. test this hypothesis and increase conversion rates. Promotion results Thanks to coordinat. work and the use of performance We spent lot tools we increas. the number of transactions nine times at the same time help. the store multiply the average check. Working with the digital marketing agency Inweb the client’s income from advertising channels increas. tenfold. Thanks to coordinat. work and the use of performance tools we increas.

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He was actively involv. in the project and provid. us with the necessary materials for developing the strategy. We maintain. constant contact with him and Belgium Data regularly report. on the progress of the works and propos. solutions. One of the most difficult challenges for us was passing moderation in Merchant Center through online payment. out the reasons for the rejection and to solve this problem.

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We were able to successfully pass this stage and launch an. Effective advertising campaign for the client. us. a variety of tools to develop the strategy. In particular we Belize Phone Number List chose search campaigns shopping and Performance Max which help. us ensure the high efficiency of the. Advertising campaign. Inweb’s experience is the basis of. The project’s success Knowl.ge and experience in the field of. Advertising and marketing were the basis of success.