What Impact on Google My Business Performance

Even if Google Maps results within the direct search engine would be considered self-preferencing, it will take a lot more before we declare Google My Business dead and buried. Indeed, Google Maps alone generates a significant volume of traffic. In 2019, there were already more than 36 million monthly visits, making Google Business Profile a still very interesting tool for businesses, self-preferred or not, because it is still able to offer a large native audience. Note also that of all queries made on Google worldwide, 46% are local searches. By studying in more depth the distribution of displays of Google establishment listings between the Search Network and Google Maps part, we obtain

The following distribution

More Than 85% of Views of an Establishment. Listing Come From Maps, Even for Files That Are Very Well Positioned. In the Local Pack Top 3 on the WhatsApp Number List Search Engine. If It Was Therefore Necessary to Quantify. The Impact of the Digital Market Act on the Performance of a Google Establishment. Listing, in the Scenario Where the Distribution. Of the Local Pack Would Be Considered. Self-preference and Therefore Deleted, It Would Be Necessary. To Expect a Drop in Visibility of Around 15%.

Note that we are not Dealing With Action Volume (Calls, Routes, Website Click) Here, Only. Views/impressions. It’s a Safe Bet That a Non-marginal Portion. Of the 15% of Impressions. Lost in Search is Naturally Redirected to Google Maps. Obviously. The Impact. On Views is Variable: Listings in the Top 3 (Local Pack) Would Be More Penalized. Than Listings Occupying a Position  Nevertheless, the volumes native to Google

Maps remain extremely significant and therefore still interesting

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Synthetic The Digital Market Act (DMA) currently has no impact on the performance of Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). In fact, for the AOB Directory moment, nothing has been done. If, however, the fact of distributing Google Maps business listings within the local pack of the Google search engine is considered self-preferencing, and Google cannot find an alternative and is forced to terminate in this format, a drop in the visibility of the files of around 15% must be expected. Still leaving a very good share of audience and performance for Google Maps.

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