What is The Difference Between a Search Term & a Keyword

After looking at the keyword and search term meaning.  A search term is any word or phrase a user enters in the search box. On the other hand, a keyword is what search engines have already indexed. Now how are these keywords already indexed? While crawling a page, the search engines extract keywords it has and stores them in their index. Now while ranking, they take the entered search query and break it down into several keywords. They then find the matching pages by searching the keywords into their index. Sometimes, the search term and keyword show a perfect match.

Why are Search Terms Important

It is ideal to know that all the search WhatsApp Number List engine marketing campaigns revolve around search terms and focus key phrases. When a user enters a search query in the search box, the search engine or Google undergoes the following: Once the user enters the query and clicks on the search button, Google displays possible results that can best satisfy the intent of the user. These results are divided into paid and organic versions. Paid Results Paid results, also known as Google Ads are a part of Search Engine Advertising. They are displayed on the top and bottom of the search engine results page. Advertisers wanting people to click on their ads will do keyword research or keyword analysis using Google keyword planner. Here, they look for relevant search terms for their products and services. After the research, they create ads containing target search terms. And then use Google Ads to bid for terms they want their ads to be shown for.

Conclusion- What Is Search Term

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So, it is clear from the above AOB Directory article that search terms and keywords differ in their meanings. Search engines take the search terms and recognize them with the indexed keywords. They are one of the significant search engine ranking factors used to determine website ranks. Hence, having knowledge about how users search using search terms and how search engines handle them is vital. 10seos is a leading reviewing agency that lists the world’s top-rated SEO companies. Besides listing, the experts at 10seos also believe to guide readers and users about the various aspects of SEO through informative blogs. Expand your knowledge about SEO and digital marketing updated with our blogs and reach us in case of any queries.

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