The fundamental role of WhatsApp in business

What do you want to take your business to the next level with? In the digital age. The fundamental role WhatsApp has become one of the most powerful allies to drive business growth. Can you imagine that more than of Mexicans choose to send messages to companies every week? This habit not only tells us a preference, but also highlights an opportunity for your business to take off. Maybe you’ve already noticed, but more and more phone calls are being displaced. More than of Mexicans prefer to contact. A company through messages than to make a call. What’s more, up to think that it is more comfortable and easier to chat via message than to browse a web page. But here’s the interesting thing.

Click-To-WhatsApp Ads

The real magic begins with click ads for WhatsApp. These promotions. Present in Meta’s advertising spaces, allow users to start a direct conversation with your brand’s official WhatsApp account . The fundamental role it’s as simple as one click for a potential customer to start interacting with your business. The value goes beyond them starting a conversation with you. Because you already have valuable information about this customer that you can use strategically. By setting up a messaging campaign in Meta. Which C Level Executive List makes it easy for these potential customers to contact you. You already have a contextualized view of who they are thanks to the segmentation. You carried out in it. Plus. You know what ad they saw. Which reveals the intention behind starting the conversation.

Lead Scoring & Chatbots

You have an opportunity to specifically target those users who perfectly fit the profile of your ideal customer. Once these users interact with your ad and take the first step of starting a conversation, the door opens to immediate interaction the fundamental role through an intelligent chatbot . This chatbot not only establishes contact, but also AOB Directory unfolds its potential by asking strategic questions to qualify potential customers . Its function goes beyond starting the conversation; It accurately shows who the customers with the highest value are, without having to interact directly with them. This allows them to be effectively funneled into a more detailed conversation with an agent.

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