With photos or videos of sessions with your clients and you will be on their shortlist. 2. Don’t beat around the bush Don’t be too vague or don’t use complicat technical terms that your audience can’t make much of. Share your vision, show your colors and clearly tell them how and when they can work with you. 3. Sometimes tie the cat to the bacon Create content that entices your audience so strongly that they can’t resist your offer. Use nudging as subtle nudges in the back of your prospects. Of course, remain honest and sincere. 4. Provide butter with the fish Be clear about how people can buy your offerings. Share a link to a no-frills payment page where you can pay them directly or an online place where they can immiately schule an appointment.

Don’t compete for bacon and beans

Be careful not to confuse ends and Chinese Thailand Phone Number List means Creating content is the means, getting customers is the goal. So regularly check how your content is doing and whether it generates leads or customers. Good content marketing? Keep the temperature up! In short, create attractive content that warms up your audience and helps create fans, keep the temperature of your potential customers up, surprise with a new, spicy recipe every now and then and put on your best chef’s hat for a nice photo or video! The recipe for success Haven’t found the right way to prepare your content yet? The recipe for success is already more within reach with these tips, but for structurally good content you are probably curious about even more tips and tricks.

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Content Strategy training. Within 2 days AOB Directory you will have a plan of action that guarantees success. Read more 0 comments – Be the first to comment!hat. GPT & LinkIn: the perfect match for content creation Do you want a 15% discount on all our events? Join the Frankwatching community and sign up for the exclusive them newsletter! 1.9k like bookmark Trudy Pannekeet van Trudy Pannekeet – LinkIn Marketing 1.9k August 24, 2023 at 8:00 AM Read 7 minutes LinkIn and ChatGPT. These two powerful tools can be a masterful combination for professional networking and growth. In this article, we take a closer look at how LinkIn and ChatGPT work together and how you can leverage them for maximum impact.