Consumer needs change, so you need to adapt to their expectations and current practices. The Internet, social networks and the rise of mobile phones have indeed transformed their consumption patterns. We have to come to terms with this new “Internet reflex”. The search for information and online purchases are becoming more democratic, including in the field of wine. Thus, the Internet is the 3rd source of information after friends and professionals that French consumers consult before buying wine.

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The French are also buying more and more wine on the Internet. In 2016, 34% of respondents said they had already bought wine online. This figure even rises to 47% among 26-35 year olds. And good news,online buyers primarily prefer producer sites to make their purchases. (Source: Sowine). Online wine purchases by the French2. Be database visible and make yourself known Why do you absolutely have to be present on the Internet? Here are 2 concrete examples among many others. Example 1 : Mr. Martin met you in a wine fair, he discussed with you and really appreciated your wines.


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He talks about it to his entourage who asks him for your contact details. But since Mr. Martin did not take your card, he is looking for AOB Directory this information on the Internet. Example 2 : Mrs. Smith ate at a restaurant with her husband one evening. They had drunk a bottle of wine which her husband enjoyed very much. Foresighted, Mrs. Dupond had taken care to remember the name of the wine. For her husband’s birthday, she plans to give him some. She therefore goes to see on the Internet where she can get some.