Customer scoring . This is a classification of whether we are suitable for the client for his tasks. We find out by the following factors On the client’s side we are contact. by the OPR or OVR the person who makes or influences the decision. Our services affect the client’s profit and it is very important to correctly form the goals and objectives. Therefore we insist on connecting managers and marketers with whom we will interact in the future. This avoids misunderstandings or misinterpretations of goals. The readiness of the site for promotion and the ne. for improvements.

In the second case the SDR

Always makes recommendations on what ne.s to be correct. to get back to the promotion discussion as soon as possible. Implementation of site Cambodia Data improvements is a mandatory step before promotion otherwise the efficiency will be low. processes who is his target audience direct competitors UTP promotion regions and other data. Is the client ready to be involv. in the process the result is achiev. only in teamwork where the team is Inweb the Client . Determining client budgets In order to effectively promote and pay for our services there are certain price minimums that we work off of.

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If the client expects budgets

Below which is normal for every type of business) we will recommend our partners or offer alternative tools if they can cover the client’s ne.. Transferring Cameroon Phone Number List the client to a solution selection specialist . After successful scoring and collection of all information the SDR fills out a brief brief summary) and sends a followup short summary of agreements) to the client. Then records all the necessary information in the Planfix