If you already have a rule in GTM creat in the past for event tracking for UA. You can reuse it If you don’t have such a rule, you can create it in this way. Click on the plus signgive the rule a name (), then click on the “Configure rule” field (), select “Only links” from the drop-down menu ()select that only “Some link clicks” should trigger your rule ( ), enter the triggering event () and then save ()If you want to count sent forms or newsletter subscriptions, use a rule dicat to forms Remember Before publishing – take a break! Start preview mode in Google Tag Manager.

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Then enable debug mode in GA and click through the page. Step into the client’s shoes and achieve the goal you set for counting, . clicking on an email address. If you set it correctly, in Debug View in GA you Latest Mailing Database will see something like this Once validat in debug mode, publish the changes to the GTM container. The events you create will be sent to the GA service. Events creat and sent to GA can be easily convert into conversions – your business and advertising goals. Just move the slider here (Configuration > Events) and you’re done! Event mapping. Part for more advanc users.

Latest Mailing Database

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If you want to measure non-standard events, or events that you have already measur in Universal Analytics, but the information from the “category”, “action” and “label”, then this part of the article is for you. Let’s assume that you want to measure a non-standard event, such as downloading a specific advertising newsletter, to which you want to assign as many as parameters describing this newsletter. It will be best if you create a working table in which you write down AOB Directory what you want to measure, . Write the next events in a similar way.

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