We Have a New Interview with Our Client

We have a new interview with our client on the agenda to get you acquainted with the success stories and learn more first-hand real-life cases of using Stripo.
Hey, it’s good to see you too. I’m Brian Riback, the founder, and CEO of the company called Labrador. As a part of this company, I do a lot of consulting on marketing tech stacks. We help enterprises optimize their marketing pipelines overloaded with various tech solutions, and we help use them more efficiently. How did you hear about Stripo? Did you find it yourself, or did someone recommend it to you?

I was on a long search for an email design tool until someone on Upwork asked me, “Why don’t you try Stripo?”. In fact, that’s how I found out about you.

How did you decide that you need an email editor

A: I had previously used a huge number of systems that allowed me to edit code and create emails. However, building an email from scratch is a really frustrating process in other solutions. You are constantly surrounded by Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia various restrictions that do not allow you to fully realize the vision of a particular email. This prompted me to start looking for another tool, and in this regard, Stripo compares favorably with competitors. With Stripo, I don’t have any handcuffs and am completely free to do whatever I want.

I don’t have any handcuffs

Bulk SMS Service

stell us as an expert who has seen many different marketing and email creation tools, what made you choose us over other solutions?

A: The most significant features for me in Stripo are responsive email design and the HTML code editor. There are email marketers and there are professionals who send emails. Email Marketers need Stripo. This is AOB Directory best demonstrated when considering the ability I have to access the HTML of a given email. I can create emails that will display beautifully. On all devices and be able to get under the hood and edit the things I need in the code. I also don’t have to search within the full HTML because when I select a specific stripe or even container, I can see only the HTML and CSS for that given selection.

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