An app in the EU that promotes recycling

This has been  through financing from the Valencian Innovation. Agency  and led by the technological solutions company but the Valencian Institute of .Artificial Intelligence and finally the .Technological Institute of Plastics also participate . The value chain  in recycling The European Parliament has established that at least of municipal waste must by with the objective of having an increase of and achieving the goal that .The consumer citizen is also a recycling entity.

Supported by the digital

Collaborative environment, based on intelligent algorithms that allow determining the nature and origin of .The waste to classify it in the well-known containers: yellow, gray and brown , with the intelligent vision Phone Number List  tool there will be no errors when separating. deposits. When the waste reaches the garbage containers, it is easier to have recycling that wants to increase with this project. Photo: Freepik. An app with recycling strategies There is also a commitment to .The application of gamification and persuasion .Techniques that enhance and improve the recycling habits of citizens through the app that was for the project.

According to data from

The million tons of cardboard are consumed per year, of which  is  for packaging in the food  AOB Directory industry . Of this percentage of cardboard  is made in corrugated cardboard boxes , due to the advantages of packaging and easy distribution. This industry, in addition to being  to the environment .Also generates more than  thousand direct and . Thousand indirect jobs in according to the Paper Chamber. They also mention that it is present in 21 states of the Mexican Republic with  plants .

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