When building your store, you don’t have to look far for extensions, because Woocommerce already comes with most of the basic extensions you nee to sell your products from a functioning e-store. This includes shipment tracking, inventory management, tax review, and more. And since Woocommerce is a module that connects to the WordPress content management platform, it means that you may already have a professional website to which you can add a functioning e-shop with the Woocommerce module. Huge customization options – the WooCommerce Estonia team will help you with this WooCommerce offers a variety of design templates to choose from. store with different features. There are both free and paid themes to choose from, all of which offer different ways to create a unique online store that helps increase sales.

The prices of themes

If you’re starting out, a free theme is definitely fine at first, but if you want more customization options, it’s definitely a good idea to buy a paid theme. are different, but mostly the prices stay around 50 euros. Analytics made easy As an entrepreneur, you database should definitely know where your sales are coming from. Secondly, you should definitely know when customers shop in your e-store. For this, Woocommerce has a built-in analytics system so that you don’t have to start connecting a new extension. The number of sales by date, the number of sales by product.


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The number of sales by product category and AOB Directory much more are shown. If you feel that this analytics is not enough, there are several different extensions to get even more detaile analytics about your sales. A lot of extensions – the WooCommerce the best ones Woocommerce helps novice entrepreneurs create an online store that looks professional but is easy to manage.