How to write standard SEO Copywriting articles

Regarding the topic of writing standard SEO articles, I have read and written a number of articles of this type to serve internal training. However, today, when I look back at what I wrote a few years ago, I’m really a bit embarrassed! An article that Belgium Phone Number List was my passion a few years ago, now looking back I see it was too sketchy!

Now that I’m writing this topic again, I think differently and write differently. Readers, please try to refer to my guide to writing standard SEO Copywriting articles to see if it is any different from the content.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is an SEO technique that Belgium Phone Number List tends to become more and more important. This is a criterion that used to be on par with backlinks, but in the context I am writing this article, it may be given a higher rating. To define this concept in the simplest way I will explain as follows: SEO Copywriting is a combination of writing/content production techniques to motivate readers to take specific actions, while still making the content attractive and achieving high rankings. This technique has 2 main parts and forces you to balance them.

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How to write standard SEO Copywriting articles

In step one, you will need to do research and Qatar Phone Number List research actions. There are two objects you need to analyze carefully in this section: the product and the reader. At CAIA we apply the 5W1H model to thoroughly research and answer questions about products. We require every Content participating in any project to carefully research the product before entering the project. In addition, we also organize more direct discussions between Belgium Phone Number List customers and SEO Leaders so that content creation both ensures professionalism and brings about the conversions that customers desire. If you have just heard of the 5W1H model for the first time, it stands for 6 keywords: What – When – Where – Why – Who – How. When you answer these 6 questions and especially the Who question, you will have a relatively clear understanding of the product and its users.

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