Using two Telegram accounts on a single mobile device is a convenient solution for individuals who wish to separate personal and professional communication or manage multiple accounts. This article provides a simple, step-by-step guide on how to use two Telegram accounts on one mobile device.

1. Utilize Telegram’s Built-in Feature:

Telegram offers a built-in feature that allows users to run two accounts simultaneously on one mobile device. To get started, download and install the Telegram app from the South Africa Telegram number Data app store if you haven’t already.

2. Access App Settings:

Once the Telegram app is installed, launch it, and access the app settings. Look for the option that enables “Multiple Accounts” or “Add Account,” depending on your device’s operating system.

3. Add Second Account:

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After selecting the “Multiple Accounts” option, you’ll be prompt to add a second Telegram account. Enter the phone number associated with the second account, and Telegram will send a verification code for authentication.

4. Verification Process:

Enter the verification code received on the second phone number to verify the account. Once verified, the second Telegram account will be successfully added to your device.

5. Switch Between Accounts:

With both Telegram accounts added to your device, you can now switch between them seamlessly. Access the app settings, and you’ll find an option to “Switch Account.” Tap on it, and you can AOB Directory easily toggle between your two Telegram accounts.

6. Customize Account Names:

To differentiate between the two accounts, consider customizing their names. Telegram allows users to rename accounts, making it easier to identify and switch between personal and professional accounts.


Using two Telegram accounts on a single mobile device is a straightforward process with Telegram’s built-in feature for multiple accounts. By accessing the app settings and adding a second account using the associated phone number, users can easily manage both personal and professional communication without the need for separate devices or app installations. The verification process ensures the security of both account.