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So we experienced a great sound compared to this in the past. The design of the headgear is also very tight. Although the earcups move up and down, they don’t move side-to-side, so it’s awkward to adjust. The dam is also not expandable in the traditional way .Instead relying on the elasticity . The fabric suspension cover and the large size of the design. But that’s okay, because the outer part of the band is not only big .But also nicely stretchy and flexible. Therefore, most people . will find the TUF Gaming H1 to be a perfect fit, with good clamping force and a good fit  .(despite the depth of those headphones anyway).

Acceptable audio

Acceptable audio 40mm neodymium C Level Executive List magnetic drivers . Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz Stereo sound (or virtual environment . via Windows Sonic/Dolby Atmos) .Asus TUF Gaming H1 is a stereo headset with 40 mm drivers and the promise of virtual surround sound through. Windows Sound or Dolby Atmos . It’s nice and loud, with a volume wheel on the left earcup that you can easily adjust. We found that the sound is also capable. It is enough to watch movies. Listen to music and play games. The sound is a bit empty though . It lacks the bass and range of other expensive .Headphones, so some of the richness is lost.

Throw in some virtual

That said, we’re still impressed .with AOB Directory the audio for the asking price. It’s just a basic stereo headset, but if the game is mastered well . You can still enjoy a convincing soundstage. Throw in some virtual surround sound through. Windows settings and you can improve it a bit. Multi-device compatibility 3.5 mm cable with splitter cable. Works with PC/Mac, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch .The Asus TUF Gaming H1 also comes with a detachable cable, so you can easily connect. It to your console, PC or other devices. As standard, it has a single 3.5