Why you Should Stop Selling SEO Services?

Marketers need to understand that SERPs have changed and the old-fashioned ways do not work anymore. They all will be the pages about different good headphones, their price comparison, pros, and cons. But why does Google do that? Because as a user, Why you prefer better results that are relevant and informative. Rather than popping up any  brand’s page on the very first page, reviews and much more.

So, you might ask, what’s happening?

Search for “Restaurants in Seattle” and you will get your desi Phone Number Data red search results. But what did you notice? reviews, user you will also prefer to read reviews of a dozen restaurants first rather than getting directed to a particular one.And, will come across many similar examples where not even a single search result on the first page will be a website. Either they are review aggregators or websites that review and rate the products or services.


Optimize your website for the web

Google indeed understands what users want to see and su AOB Directory rface results by analyzing the massive amount of data, it has got. Users love the power of their cho ice so they love it more . The reviews and comparative data rather than the company that features websites that make it to the top of the organic results on the search engine results page.This is pretty much straightforward and there is no second thought about it. As a business owner, you should use paid search as a remarketing technique. 

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