What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate-level governance involves the processes. However, and pursued in the context of its social. Regulatory and market environment. Governance deals with the practices. And procedures that ensure that a company is operated. To achieve its objectives. While ensuring that stakeholders have confidence that their trust in that company is well. Established. However, one of the major purposes of governance is to establish a system of rules. Policies, and practices for a company—in other words, to account for accountability. Each major part of the “organization”—shareholders. Therefore, the board of directors. The senior management team, and company employees—is accountable to the others. Therefore, part of this accountability includes the board regularly. Reporting financial information to shareholders.

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governance transparenc Governance includes principles of transparency, accountability and security. Poor corporate governance can, at best, lead to a company’s failure to achieve its stated objectives and, at worst, lead to Fax Lists company collapse and significant financial losses for shareholders. Are the Concepts of Corporate Governance and Governance Understood Correctly? What should be done to ensure correct implementation? Therefore, corporate management and governance are two very similar concepts. The two concepts are often used in the same sense, and this is not wrong. Therefore, governance is the pure Turkish version of the concept of Corporate Governance.

Corporate management represents

The ancient and still valid understanding of management science. Concepts with the AOB Directory suffix “-iş” take the meaning of bi-directionality , that is, governance is multi-faceted. Therefore, what is Corporate Governance? Corporate governance refers to a phenomenon that starts from the top and spreads to the bottom. However, the direction is unique, from top to bottom. Governance is the name given to the science of designing, implementing and implementing institutional mechanisms that will ensure efficiency and high performance in a way that ensures stakeholders will protect each other’s interests, influence each other positively and provide a win-win result. The concept of governance is more modern. 

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